Dead is Alive Baby! + New Monthly Cash Competition

Hi guys!

Been a bit busy working on my sites and other fun stuff. There is a lot of work surrounding all of this and what you see on stream is just a small part of it. But I did however find some time to spin the DoA wheels 😛

Made a small deposit on Betspin to try my luck on Dead or Alive. This one could have been HUGE on a 1.80€ bet but bastard wouldn’t drop 🙁

But don’t worry, your hero went on the hunt for another one and completed the mission!

Monthly Cash Wheel

I’ve introduced a new competition on my stream which hopefully will make things a bit more interesting for my viewers and make it a bit more worth while suffering through my shitty rip streams lol. Read more about it here (remember – you need to be a registered member on the forum to be eligible).

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