Days After Double Wild Line

The word spreads fast in this community. There’s been a lot of talk about my massive hit on Dead Or Alive and people have been very kind congratulating me and leaving nice comments on Youtube. It’s really beautiful how supportive this community really is! Thank you everyone 🙂

I’m just like everyone else when I see someone win something like that – it triggers me to go chase a win like that myself lol. I’m sitting here thinking how many people decided to give DoA a try after watching that video. However you choose to go about it, please just make sure you play responsibly. I know I do! This leads me to my weekly spreadsheet. This is was my overall dep/withd. ratio looks like since the double wild line. Nothing crazy but still up!

2017-02-10 Deposit Kaboo -60,00 €
2017-02-10 Withdrawal Kaboo 100,00 €
2017-02-11 Deposit Kaboo -150,00 €
2017-02-13 Withdrawal Kaboo 200,00 €
2017-02-13 Deposit Kaboo -50,00 €
2017-02-13 Deposit Thrills -50,00 €
2017-02-14 Deposit Thrills -60,00 €
2017-02-14 Deposit Kaboo -120,00 €
2017-02-16 Deposit Guts -60,00 €
2017-02-18 Deposit Thrills -50,00 €
2017-02-18 Withdrawal Thrills  470,00 €

This means I am €170 up since the double wild line and approx €4700 up since feb 9! As you can see I had a nice cashout today and will be uploading a few videos to Youtube. Had a nice base game hit on Piggy Riches, a 30 spin bonus on Book of Dead + the 5 extra spins on Dead or Alive on a 90 cent bet.

Yesterday stream was a lot of fun! Marina was streaming alone while I was hanging out in the chat. We did a contest where viewers had to find a hidden cat somewhere on this site. After about 2 hours of frantic searching viewer petski80 was the one who found it and got awarded with 30 Echoes on Kaboo! Well done 🙂

In fact Marina will start streaming every sunday at 2 pm (CET) per schedule from now on!

See you all in the stream tonight! Some lucky bastard will win 100 Echoes! For those of you who missed to enter – bummer 😛



    • Haha it was a fun thing to do. Probably annoyed the hell out of some people and some probably still have nightmares about that cat but yeah…I had a great laugh witnessing all the frustration 😀

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