Cashout & Rocknrollaaaaaa

Lately I have started streaming my off stream sessions because I play slots way more off stream than on stream. I usually do these small 800 SEK deposits and if I managed to get the bullet up to around 2500 SEK I’ll activate the stream, if not I’ll just rip lol.

I’m being a bit too lazy tho just sitting in my underwear streaming with no cam, no mic and not even having any chat windows open. I had one of those streams this evening that lasted over 3 hours and ended with a 7500 SEK cashout! When I end the stream and open Twitch on my phone to have a look I notice I have 200+ viewers which leads me to believe I have been hosted by someone. Turns out I got a host from the legend himself, my buddy Rocknrollaaaaaa. Currently the best streamer on Twitch in my humble opinion. If you don’t already follow him go do it. He’ll take you on a real rollercoaster with his streams, I promise.

Thank you all who were watching and to my mods for taking care of the chat (smart <3). Next time I will probably add the chat at least so I can answer some questions 🙂

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