Cash Raffle Saturday

As promised if cashing out more than 10,000 SEK, 5% will be shared with the viewers! Having cashing out 24,000 SEK on Kaboo it amounts to a nice sum of 1200 SEK (€120). On saturday I will pick two winners. Runner up will get €40 and first place €80. Make sure you have at least 5 points available for the raffle which is the minimum amount necessary to be able to participate. Also make sure you have Neteller or Skrill for easy transfer of money. PayPal probably works too but is not as optimal in my opinion.

Today Tuseday I will have a 100 Echoes raffle as well, picking two winners to win 50 Echoes each. These Echoes are wager free and gives you a really good shot of making a nice cashout if you would happen to hit a wild line on Dead Or Alive, which I have done 3 times myself with free spins!

Last night I did a short monday stream, but caught between all of the big streamers it seemed like bad timing since not too many showed up. Still we had a GREAT time and those who did show up were active and responsive which made it a great evening together. Starting with a balance of 3000 SEK I dropped to around 2000 SEK when Cleopatra PLUS took me up to 3500 SEK. Ended the stream where I started at 3000 SEK so made a bit of a wagering as well. Hopefully it will result in another cashout in the end 😛

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