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Just by watching the stream and keeping active in the chat you can automatically qualify for a place on the CashWheel with a chance to win 200€ or more. The Jackpot sum may grow during the month, but will never be lowered.


How it Works

While watching the stream you automatically earn Kiwanos, which is the name of the points currency (see below how to earn Kiwanos). Users are placed on a leaderboard based on their current point status. The leaderboard is reset by the beginning of each month and those in the top 25 at the 25th of the month will earn a place on the final CashWheel as followed:

  • 1st – 5th place: 2 entries + 1 jackpot entry
  • 6th – 10th place: 2 entries
  • 11th – 25th place: 1 entry

Each time a name comes up that person wins 50€. If your name comes up all 4 spins you win all the money

The Jackpot

BUT! There is also a jackpot prize that wipes out the outcome of all previous spins and which allows the jackpot winner to claim all the money right away. So if a jackpot entry comes up during any of the 4 spins of the wheel the jackpot winner takes all money and wipes out the winners of previous spins. This means the competition is not over until the very last spin.

How to Earn Points

You can earn points (points are known as Kiwanos) in different ways:

  • Viewers will receive 1 Kiwano every 10 minutes in stream.
  • New followers will receive 10 Kiwanos for following the Twitch channel.
  • All subscribers will receive 10 Kiwanos upon subscribing to the Twitch channel.

If you’re feeling lucky you can use both the !roulette and !duel commands to win (or lose) points. This can put you way ahead, but also with great risk of losing your points.

There may also be Kiwano raffles at some point.


Keep track of the leaderboard here and check your current status or use command !leaderboard in chat.

What is Needed to be Eligible

  • To be eligible you need either Skrill or Paypal (Neteller does not qualify).
  • Banned viewers cannot participate and will have their points reset.

Previous Winners

Winners of April 2017: Lunyyyy (50€) & PowaFlowa (50€).
Winners of May 2017: TheReiska83 (50€) & rocknmoolah (50€).
Winners of October 2017: mr_fingerspitzengefuehl (50€), cksimgaming (50€), atleten1 (50€) & royalpain170 (50€)
Winners of November 2017: