Blackcat Down With The Flu

Bugs are running amok in the Blackcat family! First the son got the flu, then the daughter got the flu, then the wife got the flu, then I got the flu, then son and daughter got the stomach flu at the same time. So while suffering from a horrible case of man flu myself, I have also been forced to sop up vomit all night. Some smart ass had closed the toilet lid, at the son didn’t have time to open it, which resulted in vomit all over the bathroom floor. Nice!

Despite suffering from this horrible case of man flu I have been able to muster up some strenght to play slots, but I’m on a really bad downswing currently and can’t even win anything to upload to my Youtube channel at all. Sometimes it seems as if wins are longer and longer inbetween and I’m trying to figure out what’s different from before, questioning myself as a pro slot champion super player. All I can really think of is the addition of Big Time Gaming to the casinos I stream at, which I guess says it all…fml.

Oh well, hope to be back soon.

Cat Hugz

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