Back & Cashout!

I must say that I had missed you guys way more than I thought. It was so nice to see all my friends pop in after having been away from streaming for a week. I actually even had twice the amount of viewers I usually do. Thank you all for making it a great stream! And I even managed to cashout, how ’bout dah!

I hit this bad boy while close to finish wager which settled the score!

Regarding the vacation in Poland it was freaking awesome. We had a blast except for when the fire alarm went off at the hotel at 4 am which was freaking scary. Wife woke me up in a panic and it took a few seconds before I understood what was going on. Imagine just being awaken by someone in panic with a loud alarm in the background going – FIRE, FIRE, PLEASE EVAQUATE THE BUILDING! It was quite dramatic. All of the guests at the hotel gathered in the lobby, some half naked lol. Turns out it was a false alarm which some drunk moron had set off.

We spent the days just roaming around town, mostly eating and drinking. I probably gained 5 kg on this trip.

The ride home was a bit dramatic too. We drove from Poland to Puttgarden in Germany where we loaded the car with €400 worth of booze which we bought at the tax free border shop. In southern Sweden it started fucking snowing! Imagine that! In the middle of goddamn April. With summer tires on it was a bit of a scary drive. We started driving at 8 am in Poland and arrived home at midnight so I was quite tired and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

But now I’m home and ready to get on my streaming schedule again. And like I mentioned on stream I might have some stuff going on as I am currently negotiating with a couple casinos for a good deal, both for me and the viewers. We’ll see what happens 🙂

See ya’ll soon <3

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