Another one off the Bucket List

Wow! I just got off stream 10 minutes ago after getting a freaking wild line on Dead or Alive!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a total shock. I was just quick spinning my way down to 2500 SEK to finish the stream when I hit 4 scatters. Even that seemed like a great achievement at that moment. Of course, we all know 4 scatters always means a rigged bonus…right?

Well, it turns out myth was busted as I got a wild line on the 9 sek bet while playing on my all time favorite casino Kaboo! I’ve had plenty of wild lines before and won much more money even on smaller bets, but having a wild line on 9 sek bet or more was still on my bucket list. Last night I came really close (again)…

Today turned out to be way better with a 2097x win and 18,875,00 SEK!

All in all it was a really wonderful stream and I would like to end this post with a special thank’s to a few awesome people!

Huneasd – thank you for the luck host! (great streamer, check out!)
Benimguld for becoming my 1st sub
Camilla9185 for becoming my 2nd sub (great streamer, check out!)
Alexpsx74 for becoming my 3rd sub
Vihjeareena for becoming my 4th sub (great streamer, check out!)
HuggeHugg for host (great streamer, check out!)
smart_croatia for picking good games 😉

There’s a shitload of people I want to thank really so the list is endless to be honest <3

Oh, and almost forgot. This was posted by a viewer on stream yesterday. It’s a picture taken in Olso, Norway. Apparently I have my own chain of cafée’s now 😀

Update: shit, I almost forgot. I promised to stream in drag if I’d hit another 1000x win on stream loooool.

Update 2: I almost had another wild line on Dead or Alive on the same day on 27 SEK bet (5 extra spins)

…as well as an almost wild line on Cazino Zeppelin!

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