Another good stream

It’s a great relief to be able to have some luck on stream again after a pretty shitty may. It makes streaming so much more fun obviously when you’re having some action on the slots instead of just pissing away money on dead spin after dead spin.

I’m not going to lie, of course it affects my mood as a streamer. Sometimes it matters less and sometimes it matters more, it really depends on the circumstances but when you’ve had a few bad sessions in a row it starts to suck.

The ultimate goal is to be a good entertainer but gambling also involves feelings and it can be one hell of a rollercoaster. But isn’t that part of the facination? There’s been streams where I just wanted to punch the screen and throw the computer out the window while struggling so hard to mask the disgust, but then there are streams like yesterday where everything seems so easy.

I got lucky again on my cash cow Bust the Bank (available on Thrills) and won over 3500 sek. Balance went up to 8.5k at one point in time when slots became a bit cold. I was lucky to have a few more nice hits before ending the 4.30 hour session – 1 great base game hit on Gonzo’s Quest (1500 sek), 2 nice base game hits on Rhino almost back to back (about 1000 sek each) and a very nice and unexpected bonus on Rainbow Riches (5000 sek).

I continued wagering later that evening off stream which is a nice way for me to wind down a bit after a long day and managed to cash out 4500 sek. Not a massive amount but recovered some of the losses of the past couple of days plus some profit.

Now I’m off on a cruise and will be back Saturday evening. There’s a possibility I might stream, otherwise I’ll do a stream early Sunday with a very nice raffle on Rizk so make sure you’ll be there. 

Have a great weekend guys!

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