Another Cashout for the Cat + Other Stuff

Made a small deposit of 80€ to Rizk in the hopes of trying to get it up to stream balance and leave it there. Started off pretty good with a nice 400x+ win on Lucky Lady’s Charm:

But from there it went downhill and towards the end I got a bit tilted and almost ripped. I was 7€ away from rip when I had a comeback win on Book of Ra on a 20e bet!! How f***ing insane is that!?

After that it was just pure joy as the bonuses kept coming. After a while I had another 400x win on a very unexpected slot which I will upload a bit later so not giving anything away now. From there I just grinded it out doing 3.60€ bets on Dead or Alive and ended up cashing out 1100€! Starting to get really lucky on Rizk.

Find the Cat

Do you guys remember when we did the Find the Cat competition on my stream? I hid a few icons with cats on my site and you guys went looking for them and hating on me for hiding them too well lol. Well, now its time to do it again so get ready by creating an account on if you don’t already have one as I will likely do these competitions on a regular basis from now. For more info, read here.

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