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I started cashing out again which of course is a great feeling after this downswing I’ve been going through. No huge cashouts but still decent profit. 80€ in and 400€ out and last night 120€ in and 440€ out. Funny thing is I spent hour and hour wagering and playing and despite having cashouts I’ve yet to hit anything above 150x for a long time now lol. My Youtube channel is in need of some nice new videos 😀

Yesterday I came kind of close hitting a wildline on Dead or Alive on stream while playing on Kaboo. I got the 5 extra spins and this is what I ended up with:

…and later off stream I came as close as you can get to a life changing win lol:

For all of you who redeemed free spins on Kaboo this week the list was sent today and free spins should be credited already. Good luck!


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