300 Shite

Earlier today Miikapekka sent me a message telling me he had just been trolled on the slot 300 Shields. To reach the highest level is not easy and when you finally do for once in your life you sort of expect wonders. In Miikas case the bonus ended up paying 200x though but for me…well, have a look yourself.

But this was soon forgotten as bonuses came lining up on slot after slot until Montezuma bought me flowers and told me I’m beautiful 😀

Ended stream with a nice profit which I ripped off stream lul. But still have the €200 left that I started with so only profit gone 😀 See ya all tomorrow hopefully 🙂

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  1. That was almoust for heart attack, but as you are a great man, today lady of luck was on your side and bring you that 1000x on Dragonz so happy for you….

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