10…9…8…7…I’m fine!!

Ok, ok I’ll be honest. The reason why I had such major technical difficulties during the stream last Sunday was because I had kicked my PC to death during another rage fit (not because of Cazino Zeppelin this time) and was streaming from a new setup. It turns out my new laptop (Lenovo) couldn’t handle the action despite being in the 900€ range with nice specs.

But not to worry. The cat robbed the liquor store and could afford a new desktop streaming computer and the stream ran smooth as a criminal last night. In fact, I kicked off the stream with a new shitty slot from Quickspin called “Sticky Bandits“. As we all know Quickspin slots are pretty mediocre and don’t pay that much. It’ll give you a freaking big win celebration screen for 10x for god’s sake.

Anyhow, I did start off quite well on the slot with some decent base game hits taking me from 2500 sek to 3000 sek. The bonus never came however and the balance dropped to 2300 sek so yeah, was pretty pointless. I came back to the slot a couple of hours later and managed to trigger the bonus twice I think. On one of the bonuses all of the 7 spins were dead spins and even the slot was surprised displaying what looked like a coding error message LOL (mucho gracias to IanFoxley for sending me the screen. Love ya man). I think the message would have been more accurate if it would have said “Wallet Depleted”.

Rest of the session was pretty weird as balance was going up and down for the remaining 4 hours. At one point I dropped to 300 sek and the outcome looked pretty grim, when Badazzbear1 stepped up like a boss and demanded me to play Hound Hotel. Doing 15 sek bets I hit the bonus quite immediately and had a 100x win! Thank you Mr Bear! <3

I believe balance dropped again after that but getting full screen Queens on Book of Dead brought me up and that’s how it went on and on and on. I eventually stopped streaming pretty much where I had started, with 2500 sek on the account and with 17k sek wager left to go. I’m saving it for the next stream hoping for a new cashout. If it turns out to be a decent cashout I’ll share some of the dough with you kids 😛


Oh, by the way – there’s a new casino launched called Sloty.com. I tried it and like it. You might want to give it a try.

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